The first platform to give Indian startups access to Silicon Valley ecosystem

Arka Venture Labs is the first platform of its kind to assist
the foray of Indian B2B startups into the US.


We do this by providing not just capital, but also hands-on mentorship, infrastructure, and access to the silicon valley ecosystem.


We help Indian enterprise startups overcome the “trust gap” that exists between the startups and their potential customers, investors and acquirers.

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Core components of our program

We are the first institutional check in pre-seed and seed stage startups and typically invest up to $400K in the form of Preferred Equity/SAFE/Convertible Note.

Post Investment Support

Arka is a day zero partner for B2B startups building global companies from India. We look at each company differently and tailor our support to fit the needs of the company. We help with product positioning, calibrate product-market fit and leverage our  cross-border GTM playbook to help the companies accelerate their zero to one journey.

Strong Mentor Network with Valley DNA

Arka startups leverage the expertise  & networks of our highly curated community of seasoned valley operators & top tier VCs who have built and helped build cross-border B2B startups from zero to IPO across both sides of the US-India border.

How does it work?









Do you fulfill
the following criteria?

Have a B2B product
Has market potential in USA and/or Europe
Should have a ready MVP or have paying customers
Strong, passionate and well-rounded team of founders
Unique differentiation with regard to product technology & innovation
Has clear economic advantages
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