Rucept is cutting edge merchandising platform that publishes physical product renders inside gaming app for customized blockchain-enabled digital merchandise. Besides creating an immersive in-game merchandising buying experience for gamers Rucept`smerchandising-as-a-service platform is built to democratize the merchandising supply chain by eliminating costs and inventory. Gamers can finally own a physical memento of the game they love and games can easily implement a merchandising strategy to monetize, retain and engage their audience. It leverages 3Dprinting and other on-demand manufacturing capabilities to fulfill orders worldwide. Products are seamlessly placed as close to the content as possible. A single image can turn into 250+ unique merchandising products, and digital assets can be brought to physical assets on proprietary gaming platforms.

Mudit Khurana

A proven leader at building and scaling internet startups for 10+ years. Strong expertise in fashion and lifestyle e-commerce space. Been through multiple M&As and fundraises. Highly adept at developing and executing aggressive strategies to support growth objectives for the business. Works closely with product and technology teams to ensure customer satisfaction and market viability at all stages of growth. Skilled at marketing business solutions to internal and external stakeholders.