Marketers wait days for every image and video they need for ads, app banners, and push campaigns. With multiple products, platforms, languages, and experiments in today`s campaigns adds to the complexity of getting creatives for the marketing team.Rocketium helps marketers run more relevant campaigns 8x faster and designers save 90% of their production effort. Their product is a supercharged Photoshop/ Premiere Pro with collaboration, AI-powered creative automation, and integration with ad, app, and push channels.Marketers can set up templates to ensure that creatives (images and videos) that will be pushed across platforms are compliant to the branding policies of the enterprises.

Satej S.

Passionate about startups, technology, and the positive impact startups can create with technology. Doing my bit at Rocketium, which I started in 2015 after a decade of experience spanning multiple roles (tech, product, business) across multiple geographies (India, US) at startups (Rocketium, TaxiForSure) and trillion-dollar companies (Amazon, Microsoft).