Nektar is rebuilding the modern sales experience! Organizations and sales managers today, don't get enough visibility into what happens on the field meetings/interactions with prospects, as the deal activities and interactions happen across Email, F2F meetings, Video conferencing, Voice calls, Whatsapp and Slack, whereas sales data around the deal and the selling process itself is cataloged in CRM or the content management system, which are isolated systems far from the point of action and constantly cry for sales rep user adoption. CRMs act as systems of Record whereas what Sales teams really need today is a 'System of Growth'. Nektar is building that system of Growth, that would sit seamlessly on top of the existing record-keeping systems like CRM, CMS, etc and will connect all your data channels and point of interactions.

Abhijeet V.

My SaaS journey: Customer Success -> AE ->Sales Manager ->VP Sales ->Board Member-> Founder | Advisor to B2B SaaS startups | Angel Investor | Bullish about Global SaaS | Here to share Seed to scale ? hyper-growth experience & learnings