Blockfenders is a unified, no-code, and zero-trust platform that allows for easy, quick, and secure protection, access, and sharing of data. By using Blockfenders, data breaches in data access and sharing can be eliminated at a fraction of the cost. The platform combines the best of cloud and private blockchain, enabling access and sharing of data in a private, granular, and controlled manner among both internal and external partners. Existing insecure, technical, and expensive methods such as APIs, data views, direct access, and emails can be replaced with a low-cost, secure smart contract-based solution that requires no coding. With Blockfenders, sensitive details like user credentials, paths, and keys are not disclosed when sharing data with stakeholders. The platform widens data usage, accelerates data access and sharing, and breaks data silos. It allows for better data security, improved operations, and lower costs, while reducing the risks of brand damage and data breaches.

Viraj Phanse