"B2Brain makes inside sales teams more effective, by providing them with contextual intelligence on their target accounts, right within their CRM. With Talking Points, and Recommended Leads available on demand, the SDRs and AEs engage prospects better, resulting in more qualified opportunities and a healthier pipeline. All while, getting back 1 extra week/month of selling time! Sales teams at enterprises such as Adobe, and high growth startups such as FourKites and Auditoria, are already finding benefits from B2Brain's unique insights, elegant UX and accelerated time to value. B2Brain is going after a massive $10BN market opportunity with a user-first solution underpinned by sophisticated AI/ML based technology."

Sridhar Ranganathan

B2B selling was long impending an overhaul, and 2020 only acted as a catalyst. It's no surprise that remote sales exploded in 2020.