Aarna Network

Aarna Networks creates an orchestration, management, and automation platform for Private 5G networks and edge computing applications. They are a leading provider of a commercial ONAP distribution, ONAP training, and ONAP custom engineering services. Aarna offers structured services and training solutions to Enterprises looking deploy their dissaggregated 5G system. Alongwith, Aarna also has two product offerings - AMCOP - an open source orchestration, lifecycle management, and real-time policy driven closed loop automation platform for 5G network services and edge computing applications. AarnaStream (Network Slicing Manager): value add components that run on top of ONAP which includes apps, artifacts and analytics dashboards. Over 200 CSPs, vendors, and academic organizations have used Aarna Network ONAP Distribution (ANOD) so far and more than 5,500 participants have taken their ONAP courses in-person or online.

Amar Kapadia

5G and edge computing will unleash a new wave of applications that will be bigger than web/mobile. With 1,000s of applications instances changing dynamically across 10,000s of edge sites, the management solution become 100,000x more complex than before. An effective management solution can be the difference between a strong ROI from your 5G + edge investments or not. Our open source product Aarna Networks Multi Cluster Orchestration Platform (AMCOP) performs orchestration, lifecycle management, and real-time policy driven control loop automation for cloud-native 5G networks services and edge computing applications. Give it a spin at aarnanetworks.com/amcop.