About Us

Arka in Sanskrit mean Sun Beam, which represents the guiding light we provide to startups from India.

Our Founding Venture Firms
Arka Venture Labs has been set up with three venture firms who have provided the initial capital and have opened their networks for the benefit of our portfolio companies

Blume is among the Top 3 early stage venture firms in India. More than 40% of their portfolio companies are B2B. Many of its B2B Portfolio companies have established and scaled successfully globally such as Minjar, Grey Orange, Webengage, Dataweave, etc.

Benhamou Global Ventures (BGV) is a Silicon Valley based Venture Firm focussing on Cross Border B2B Startups. They take an active role in building startups that are enabling the Digital Transformation of the enterprises globally. Half of their portfolio companies are outside of US.

Emergent is also a Silicon Valley based B2B Venture Fund with a Hands on Model for Portfolio support, which includes providing assistance on Product management, raising capital for next round and Leadership development. 1/3rd of its portfolios are from India.

The Advisory Board

Arka Venture Labs is led by a team with extensive industry experience in Investments and Operations.

Our Team